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Use of cookies and personal data

The website of Pure Legacy s.r.o. uses cookies and similar technologies that store information on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. These are usually stored in the device's browser. We use cookies to enable visitors to access various features on our website, to distinguish between users and to analyze the performance of our website, and to use an interest-based advertising campaign targeting users. This relies to some extent on the use of personally identifiable information from our users - as described below - to help us improve our website and make digital communications available to our recipients.

Visitors to our site can voluntarily decide whether to use cookies through their browser or device settings. In the settings of your browser, you can adjust the preferences of which cookies the browser will download. Here you can also delete any existing cookies that are stored on your browser or device. Please note that if you block all cookies on your browser or device, this may result in a decrease in the performance and functionality of our (and other) websites.

The purpose of cookies on this website

Our website uses cookies placed by us or third parties for the following purposes:

  • Analysis: We use cookies to count individual visitors to our website and compile statistics regarding the traffic and functionality of our website. The software we use stores information about the number of page views and information about geographic location, device, operating system and browser.

  • Login services: If the website offers the option of login services, we will store the identification number and login time in a cookie in your browser or device. This allows you to not have to log in again every time you open the page.

  • Online interest-based advertising: You may encounter Pure Legacy s.r.o. advertising on other websites as a result of cookies placed on your browser or device. This information is most often based on viewed content, user information or geographic location. Using this method, we try to identify your interests and tailor advertising to you. This is a remarketing technology that is a product provided by external vendors such as Google or Facebook.

  • Couple Profiles: When creating couple profiles, we use behavioral data collected from our website. Based on the knowledge gained about one group of users, we introduce new segments to those users with similar interests and behaviors as the original group of users.

To learn more about the use of cookies on this website, how we use them, third-party access and what information we store, you can find this information further down on this page. As some of our third party suppliers may also use our cookies for information, you will also find their contact information further down on this page.

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